Monday, 24 September 2012

Kuala Pak Amat (Pantai Sabak), Kota Bharu, Kelantan

The landing of the Japanese army on Dec 8, 1941 marks the begining of Pacific War. The attack on pearl Harbour, often recognised as the start of the war took place 90 minutes after the invasion in Kota Bharu. Japanese troops came with ships consisted of three large transport (Awajisan Maru, Ayatosan Maru, Sakura Maru) escorted by five Sendai Light cruisers and squadron of destroyers. (Isonomi, Uranami, Shikinami Ayanami). The Army was from the 56th Infantry Regiment of the 18th Division of 25th Army under the command of Major General Hiroshi Takumi advanced rapidly in south from the beach (Pantai Sabak) and also landings in Patani and Songkhla in Thailand. By mid- January the Japanese troops reached Johor and the Battle of Malaya ended with the surender of Singapore on feb15th 1942.

Nostalgia, the administrative authority of Kelantan Museum has built a monument to remember the place of Japanese landing in Kuala Pak Amat because of the fortress in no longer there due to serious erosion along the coastal.
The looks of the fortress before erosion occurred 

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